Twitch Film’s Todd Brown on the Diverse World of Horror

Canadian Todd Brown is the founder and editor of, a global film resource read by festival programmers, filmmakers, and fans from around the world. Todd is the director of international programming at Fantastic Fest, and a producer of films such as Time Crimes, The Raid, and The ABCs Of Death. Here, in honor of … read more

Film: The Sandman’s Dario Argento on the ‘Reel’ Meaning of Horror

Readers, you’re in for a treat: Legendary Italian filmmaker Dario Argento has penned a special post in honor of Indiegogo Horror Month—in which he details the differences between terror and well, horror, and the delightful syntheses in between. Another incredible treat? You can contribute to Argento’s campaign for his next film, The Sandman, starring Iggy Pop. … read more

Beware: We’re Dedicating a Full Month to Horror Films

Muah ha ha. It’s October, which means crisp leaves and air to match. It’s also home to one of our favorite holidays: Halloween—not to mention the start of a new partnership with Bloody Disgusting, a website dedicated to all things horror. To honor the affair (and heck, the holiday, too), we’re designating the entire month … read more

You’re Invited: Connect with Indiegogo at the Toronto International Film Festival

We’re excited to be on the ground for the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival! The Toronto International Film Festival, more affectionately known as TIFF, is an eleven day whirlwind of noteworthy premiers, exciting red carpets, and best of all, fantastic films, ranging from the dramatic to the comedic to the delightfully artistic. From September 4 – … read more

Team Indiegogo Campaign Roundup (7.28.14)

Each week we like to share with you the campaigns we’re talking about here at Indiegogo HQ. Check ’em out and join the conversation! MIGHTY Rochester, NY “This Bluetooth waterproof speaker has such a great design because it’s the second Indiegogo campaign this team has run! They took all the contributor feedback from their first … read more